Biohack your Healthspan

Click here What more are you capable of? Let’s find out. Any biohacker knows that to truly take control of your body’s output, you need to first control what is input — beginning with what nutrients it receives. This is why Nutrigenomics are a fundamental part of the biohacker’s arsenal. And why they are our […]

I am powered by AXIO®.*

This is my love letter to the greatest energy drink ever created. Yes, I took it right before I started writing this. And yes, I feel amazing.*See Full Article

Meal Planning for a Healthy Gut

Eat your heart out Jamie Lee Curtis. Gut Health seems to be all the rage. There are yogurts actively designed to promote gut health and regulate your microbiome, to increases in whole food sales and a smarter more aware shopping experience. People are seeing their gut health as more than something to simply raise  awareness […]

Why Does NAD Decline with Age?

Because of its critical role in numerous metabolic pathways, NAD has become a highly researched molecule, especially in the field of aging (something we all do).See Full Article

The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging and the NRF1 Pathway

As a result of prolonged exposure to oxidative stress our mitochondria become less efficient at producing energy and also tend to generate even more free radicals, which further impacts the cell’s ability to function optimally and carry out its duties. See Full Article

Oxidative Stress

Shake Off the Rust– the Oxidative Stress Theory of Aging As your cells lose the ability to fight free radicals and oxidation over time, cells break down and aging sets in. Fortunately, there’s some good news. See Full Article  


What Science says about Sirtuins, NAD, and aging NAD? NADH? Sirtuins? You might have never heard of them. But they’re about to make a big impact on your health. See Full Article

Flip the Switch

Flip the “Everything” Switch The Ultimate Guide On Protandim® Tri-Synergizer™* See Full Article   Flip the “Everything” Switch The Ultimate Guide On Protandim® Tri-Synergizer™*