the Science of nrf2 activation

All mammals suffer from oxidative stress. When the body is young the body produces its own Nrf2 activation to produce antioxidant enzymes which neutralize free radicals when there is an imbalance of free radicals called oxidative stress.

Free radicals are the byproduct of your cells converting food and oxygen into energy (ATP).  An imbalance of oxidative stress leads to cellular damage, inflammation and fibrosis which leads to disease.

The Nrf2 activation turns on the body’s antioxidant enzymes (SOD, catalase, GSH peroxidases, etc.) to return the imbalance of oxidative stress back to normal. Other genes activated are those pertaining to inflammation, fibrosis and immunity.

As you age Nrf2 activation and enzyme production diminishes allowing oxidative stress and cellular damage to increase, setting the course of disease.

Protandim is a potent Nrf2 activator consisting of 5 plants. Protandim activates Nrf2 just as your body naturally did through the Nrf2/Keap1 pathway. This Nrf2 activation triggers the genes within the nucleus to produce antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrosis enzymes in quantities as programmed in order to restore balance.

Protandim reduces oxidative stress 40% on average for 100% of people taking it within 30 days and keeps it there as long as you take Protandim. Once you stop taking Protandim your oxidative stress will return to where it would normally be at your age within about 2 weeks.